Elevate Your Corporate Events with Authentic Korean Flavors: Introducing Corporate Orders at Cha Re Re

At Cha Re Re, we’ve always been passionate about sharing the rich and flavorful world of Korean cuisine with our community. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of serving countless individuals who have fallen in love with our authentic dishes. Now, we’re excited to take our culinary journey to the next level by offering corporate orders, providing businesses and organizations with a unique and memorable dining experience for their events and meetings.

Why Choose Cha Re Re for Your Corporate Orders?

  1. Authenticity is Our Hallmark: At Cha Re Re, we pride ourselves on staying true to the roots of Korean cuisine. Our recipes are adapted from recipes handed down through generations, ensuring that every dish is flavourful yet encompasses the essence of Korean food.
  2. Healthy and Wholesome Choices: Korean cuisine is renowned for its emphasis on fresh vegetables, lean meats, and probiotic-rich kimchi. Our dishes not only delight the taste buds but also provide nourishment, making them a great choice for health-conscious organizations.
  3. Cost-Effective Solutions: We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in corporate catering. Our competitive pricing ensures that you get exceptional value for your investment without compromising on quality.

Our Corporate Catering Services

  1. Customized Menus: We work closely with you to create a menu tailored to your event’s theme, dietary requirements, and preferences. Whether you need a buffet-style spread or individual boxed meals, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Flexible Ordering: Whether you’re planning a small team meeting, a large conference, or anything in between, we can accommodate orders of varying sizes.
  3. Sustainability: Cha Re Re is committed to sustainability. We use eco-friendly packaging and strive to minimize food waste to reduce our environmental footprint.

Elevate your corporate events with the irresistible flavors of Korean cuisine. At Cha Re Re we’re here to make your corporate gatherings memorable, delicious, and stress-free. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, impressing clients, or simply treating your team, our corporate orders will add a touch of Korean magic to your event.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your corporate catering needs. Let us bring the vibrant and mouthwatering tastes of Korea to your next corporate event, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and making it an affair to remember. With Cha Re Re, your corporate event will be a culinary journey worth savoring.

For smaller orders

For smaller corporate orders, feel free to reach out to us on Whatsapp (Ken). We provide a 10% discount for 15 bowls and above.

Alternatively, you can order from one of our corporate partners:

  1. Smartbite Catering services
  2. Living menu
  3. Burple
  4. Caterspot
  5. Catersmith

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How to get to Cha Re Re 차르르

Need a quick Korean food fix after hours of bingeing on Kdrama on Netflix? Come visit us at Cha Re Re 차르르!

Why Korean food?

Korean food presents a harmonious blend of flavours, textures, and colours that tantalise the taste buds and captivate the senses. From the fiery spice of kimchi to the savoury satisfaction of bulgogi, each dish offers a unique and delightful gastronomic experience. Furthermore, Korean cuisine is renowned for its healthfulness, as it incorporates an abundance of fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and fermented foods, fostering a balanced and nourishing diet. Beyond its culinary appeal, Korean food also serves as a gateway to explore a rich cultural heritage. It allows individuals to delve into a vibrant tapestry of traditions, customs, and stories, offering a profound connection to the history and people of Korea. Whether seeking culinary adventure, nutritional benefits, or cultural immersion, embracing Korean cuisine promises a journey of delicious discovery.

This unexplainable urge for grilled meats and a hearty bowl of stew filled with spam and tofu sometimes makes us go on a hour long food-inspo scroll for where to go. Sometimes, we end up at a KBBQ, sometimes at a Ne Ne Chicken of sorts and sometimes, just hoping there was a more single-diner, pocket friendlier option. Ergo, the birth of Cha Re Re 차르르! A casual Korean dining place where your cravings can’t be met fuss-free.

Where is Cha Re Re 차르르?

We are located at B1-19 of One Raffles Place. Google maps

And this is how you get there:

  1. Look for Exit L at B1 to enter into One Raffles Place
  2. Turn left at Famous Amos, smell the yummy aroma of baked cookies while you’re at it
  3. Walk past Whiskdom on your right and you’ll see Cha Re Re on left!

Credits: Google maps

You can’t miss us with the Kpop and bright lights!

To order in-store, watch this video by George.kooi:

Want to skip the queue and do a quick pick up? Order directly on our take app.

To help you decide which dish to choose from, read this article on decoding our menu.

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Decoding Cha Re Re’s Menu

Casual Korean Food Menu

Cha Re Re, pronounced as Cha Rii Rii, is a casual korean eatery located at the basement of One Raffles Place, right next to Raffles Place MRT station. We serve quick-to-prepare and easy-to-eat food packed with Korean flavours like Kimichi, ginger, garlic, soy, green onion, sesame, and not forgetting, gochujang.

Korean Rice Bowls

We have rice bowls with 4 differently marinated meats:

  • Bulgogi Beef Rice bowl
  • Pork Jeyuk Bokkum
  • Pork Galbi
  • Chicken Galbi

And if you cant decide, you can go for our Cha-Supreme with 3 protein of your choice.

So what do Bulgogi, Jeyuk Bokkum and Galbi mean?

What is Bulgogi?
Korean Beef Rice Bowl

Bulgogi or some like to call it, Korean BBQ sauce is a savory-sweet sauce. Bul means fire and gogi means meat which gives you fire-meat. In this case, our Bulgogi Beef rice bowl, Fu-yoh, is slices of meat that’s drenched in a savory-sweet sauce that’s torched to perfection.

What is Jeyuk Bokkum?
Pork shreds rice bowl

Jeyuk Bokkum‘s directly translate to Pork Stir-fry. In our local, Singaporean sense, it’s slices of pork that has been wok-hey-ed, stir fried in grandma’s iron pan. Traditionally, Jeyuk Bokkum refers to thinly sliced of pork shoulder marinated in a spicy gochujang sauce then stir-fried, this recipe is full of flavour and beyond satisfying. At Cha Re Re, we prepare our rice bowls on demand and fire it up when you order and we have muted the spiciness and tweaked it for our local palette. Get “The Stuff” today.

Pork rib rice bowl
What is Galbi?

Galbi, also known as “galbi gui” or “Korean BBQ short ribs,” is a mouthwatering and popular dish that originates from Korea. It is a true culinary delight that combines tender and succulent beef short ribs with a delicious marinade, resulting in a flavour explosion that is sure to satisfy any meat lover’s cravings. The ribs are traditionally marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sugar, and sesame oil, which infuses them with a perfect balance of savoury, sweet, and slightly smoky flavours. The marinated ribs are then grilled to perfection, either over an open flame or on a tabletop grill, enhancing their rich flavours and creating a tantalising caramelised crust. Cha Re Re follows a sous vide method followed by a searing of the meat which packs in the flavour and seals the deal. Try my personal favourite, O.M.G!

What to eat with?

These dishes are typically enjoyed with a variety of side dishes, such as kimchi, pickled vegetables, and steamed rice, allowing you to experience a delightful mix of textures and tastes. Every bowl of Cha Re Re comes with our house made Kimchi, seaweed, a sprinkle of sesame seeds and an on-sen egg, mixed well you’ll experience a blast of flavours with every bite.

Features by SG Foodies

Thank You Foodies of Singapore

감사합니다 (gamsahabnida) to all y’all sporting and kind foodies of Singapore. During the second week of Cha Re Re 차르르’s opening, we invited foodies to come by for a taste test and was truly surprised by the amount of support and response we got.

What is Cha Re Re?

Cha Re Re 차르르 is a humble tweaked Korean eatery located in the heart of the CBD at the basement of One Raffles Place. We served quick-to-order, easy-to-eat and fast-to-takeaway rice bowls and stews.

Korean Rice Bowl Features

Here are some of Instagram post and reels that were created.

1, @ghostguan

Wah, don’t those photos just make you drool? You’ll never guess that it’s taken from an iPhone13.

p/s If you’re hosting a class please HMU.

2, mamaberlsays

Personally, I am quite happy that we got to feed this cutie his early dinner. It kinda says that our food is kid friendly and easy on a child’s palette. Ergo, great for dabao dinners for the fambamz.

3. george.kooi

Love this walk through on how to get to us from the MRT and how to order. Thanks for making it such a good one so I dont have to. Thanks George!!

4. zoey_belle_

This girl is just great vibes. Look at how she shows the meat, seaweed, egg and kimchi. Makes our every bowl an instant hit!

5. foodkakis

Not too sure why – but foodkakis images just brings out the 暗恋感 , just makes you want to swoon and stare at all the yummy food the page has. If pictures tells a 1000 words, then this would be an unspoken essay.

Grateful to also have been graced by mejtime, omnom.nivore and yyan too! These photos got your mouther watering? Order early and skip the queue on our Take.app.

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We are open!

Cha Re Re Korean Eatery during lunch time

After months of planning, deliberating and scurrying… we are finally in operations! We are so touched by all the support and love that we got from our friends and family. Thank you all who have made your way down to our humble Korean eatery amidst your busy work day to try our grills and stews.

About Cha Re Re 차르르

Cha Re Re 차르르 is an independent Korean eatery set in the heart of the CBD at the basement of One Raffles Place. It serves different rice bowls that are accompanied by a perfectly cooked onsen egg, sprinkle of seaweed, a dollop of kimchi (add more if you kimchi!) and a protein of your choice – pork, chicken or beef. p/s we are working on a vegetarian option and hope to have it on our menu by end July 2023.

Aside from the rice bowls, we also serve Kimchi and Army stews from our sister brand, Hororok. To balance the heat, get a cup of barley tea or iced yuzu! Whichever you choose, we aim to serve you a filling and easy lunch or dinner.

To celebrate our launch, we are giving away 10% off orders on the Take.app with code: OHCHARRR , valid until 31 May 2023.

Say Hi!

Our friendly store managers, Ken and Alan are always ready to serve you and happy to hear your experience with us. Say hi, say bye and say you’ll come again. (: We hope to bring you warmth to your belly and your hearts.

Operating hours

Monday to Friday

10 AM – 8 PM

B1-19, One Raffles Place

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