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Thank You Foodies of Singapore

감사합니다 (gamsahabnida) to all y’all sporting and kind foodies of Singapore. During the second week of Cha Re Re 차르르’s opening, we invited foodies to come by for a taste test and was truly surprised by the amount of support and response we got.

What is Cha Re Re?

Cha Re Re 차르르 is a humble tweaked Korean eatery located in the heart of the CBD at the basement of One Raffles Place. We served quick-to-order, easy-to-eat and fast-to-takeaway rice bowls and stews.

Korean Rice Bowl Features

Here are some of Instagram post and reels that were created.

1, @ghostguan

Wah, don’t those photos just make you drool? You’ll never guess that it’s taken from an iPhone13.

p/s If you’re hosting a class please HMU.

2, mamaberlsays

Personally, I am quite happy that we got to feed this cutie his early dinner. It kinda says that our food is kid friendly and easy on a child’s palette. Ergo, great for dabao dinners for the fambamz.

3. george.kooi

Love this walk through on how to get to us from the MRT and how to order. Thanks for making it such a good one so I dont have to. Thanks George!!

4. zoey_belle_

This girl is just great vibes. Look at how she shows the meat, seaweed, egg and kimchi. Makes our every bowl an instant hit!

5. foodkakis

Not too sure why – but foodkakis images just brings out the 暗恋感 , just makes you want to swoon and stare at all the yummy food the page has. If pictures tells a 1000 words, then this would be an unspoken essay.

Grateful to also have been graced by mejtime, omnom.nivore and yyan too! These photos got your mouther watering? Order early and skip the queue on our

Sizzle you soon.