How to get to Cha Re Re 차르르

Need a quick Korean food fix after hours of bingeing on Kdrama on Netflix? Come visit us at Cha Re Re 차르르!

Why Korean food?

Korean food presents a harmonious blend of flavours, textures, and colours that tantalise the taste buds and captivate the senses. From the fiery spice of kimchi to the savoury satisfaction of bulgogi, each dish offers a unique and delightful gastronomic experience. Furthermore, Korean cuisine is renowned for its healthfulness, as it incorporates an abundance of fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and fermented foods, fostering a balanced and nourishing diet. Beyond its culinary appeal, Korean food also serves as a gateway to explore a rich cultural heritage. It allows individuals to delve into a vibrant tapestry of traditions, customs, and stories, offering a profound connection to the history and people of Korea. Whether seeking culinary adventure, nutritional benefits, or cultural immersion, embracing Korean cuisine promises a journey of delicious discovery.

This unexplainable urge for grilled meats and a hearty bowl of stew filled with spam and tofu sometimes makes us go on a hour long food-inspo scroll for where to go. Sometimes, we end up at a KBBQ, sometimes at a Ne Ne Chicken of sorts and sometimes, just hoping there was a more single-diner, pocket friendlier option. Ergo, the birth of Cha Re Re 차르르! A casual Korean dining place where your cravings can’t be met fuss-free.

Where is Cha Re Re 차르르?

We are located at B1-19 of One Raffles Place. Google maps

And this is how you get there:

  1. Look for Exit L at B1 to enter into One Raffles Place
  2. Turn left at Famous Amos, smell the yummy aroma of baked cookies while you’re at it
  3. Walk past Whiskdom on your right and you’ll see Cha Re Re on left!

Credits: Google maps

You can’t miss us with the Kpop and bright lights!

To order in-store, watch this video by George.kooi:

Want to skip the queue and do a quick pick up? Order directly on our take app.

To help you decide which dish to choose from, read this article on decoding our menu.

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